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Your amicable divorce might turn out to be contentious

For many Californian couples, happily ever after never happens. Many couples manage to end their marriages in an amicable manner. In fact, it has become so common that more and more people think they can handle the process without legal guidance. If you and your...

The big step before the biggest step

Are you thinking about getting married? Have you been single for quite some time? Have you already invested many years of hard work to fulfill your California dreams? Perhaps you're a little worried about the future. Given the fact that divorce rates are extremely...

How to protect your business during divorce

Starting and running a business of any kind requires dedication and a lot of resources. If you've poured your heart, soul and life savings into a business, you certainly don't want to see that disappear just because your marriage doesn't work out. Of course, most...

Is a prenup a smart idea for your California marriage?

Sometimes prenups are sensationalized by the press, characterized as controversial contracts that can outrageously disinherit or deprive one spouse of assets or spousal support at divorce or death of the other spouse. On the contrary, once you take the stereotypes and...

The importance of planning for your divorce

Planning for your divorce may seem unnecessary but it is actually quite the opposite. If you know you are going to file for divorce or that your spouse is going to serve you with divorce papers, the best thing you can do is to create a plan. Proper planning takes time...

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