Protect Those Most Important To You

Victims of physical or psychological abuse, as well as those who have been threatened with abuse by romantic partners or families members need to know that there are options available to help them stay safe.

Under California law, there are many different types of restraining orders that you may obtain to help protect your family. I am attorney Debra Opri, and I have helped many people throughout the Los Angeles area obtain the protection they need to stay safe from abuse. I have fought for the victims of domestic violence throughout my two-plus decades of legal experience. I have represented everyone from famous celebrities to ordinary people who needed help obtaining a restraining order.

Information About Restraining Orders In California

The type of restraining or protective order that may be appropriate for your situation will depend upon the type of contact and the nature of the abuse that needs to be prevented. You may have an order that prohibits contact from a former romantic partner or family member. This means that the individual is not allowed to text, call, email or otherwise attempt to engage in any sort of contact with you. If he or she violates this order, criminal penalties may apply.

You may also obtain an order that requires a person to remain a certain distance away from you. This is most common in situations where a person is showing up in places where he or she should not, such as your workplace or your home.

Additionally, if you and the person committing the abuse share a residence, you may obtain an order that requires him or her to leave the home. These orders can help prevent the abuse from escalating, especially when it is likely that a divorce or custody dispute is likely to occur as the result of the ending of a relationship.

Unfortunately, too many people think that they simply just have to find a way to manage the abuse and violence that they are suffering at the hands of a loved one. You do not have to continue to live this way. Take the first step toward a brighter future.

Opri & Associates can help with any family law issues that you may need assistance with at this time. I have helped many people find solutions inside and outside of the courtroom, and am not afraid to stand up for you.