Domestic Violence And Restraining Orders

No one should have to endure violence or abuse in an intimate relationship. That’s not love. And it will keep happening.

Opri & Associates will be your voice and your shield if you have decided to get out of an abusive relationship. I am Los Angeles attorney Debra Opri. I have long experience advocating for victims of domestic violence, including the wives and girlfriends of rich and powerful people.

Enough Is Enough!
Contact Opri & Associates today if you have experienced domestic violence by a spouse, partner, boyfriend or family member.

The First Step Is The Hardest

Spousal abuse and domestic violence may be physical, or may take the form of threats, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, controlling behavior, economic deprivation, or stalking and harassment.

I will go to court with you to get a restraining order on behalf of you and your children. I will also faithfully protect your interests in divorce proceedings or a contested custody dispute. A restraining order forces the person to move out of the home and have no contact with you and your kids. The abuser can go to jail for violating the order.

Someone To Fight For You

As a trial lawyer, I have handled high-profile divorces and breakups in Southern California, including cases involving celebrities and other powerful figures who got physical with their spouses or dating partners.