Resolving Conflicts Over Custody And Co-Parenting

Opri & Associates provides strategic counsel to protect your parental rights while trying to find practical and forward-thinking solutions.

I am attorney Debra Opri. I have practiced in family law in Los Angeles for over 28 years, including high-profile cases, such as the contentious David Hasselhoff divorce and custody battle and the Anna Nicole Smith paternity and custody saga. Yet the majority of my clients are not famous, but rather everyday moms and dads who face legal obstacles or threats to their parental rights.

Custody And Parenting Time

The California family courts have shifted to a presumption of shared custody. The goal is to reach an amicable custody arrangement that encourages parents who are no longer together to cooperate and communicate in raising their children.

I will strive for settlement to minimize the cost and stress, but I will prepare your case for court in the event that negotiations break down. As a proven trial lawyer, I can forcefully assert your rights in contested proceedings, such as disputes over full custody, primary residence or relocating children out of Los Angeles County.

Opri & Associates handles both divorce and paternity cases, including temporary and final custody orders, child support issues, visitation rights, supervised custody and custody modifications.