Paternity Actions For Shared Custody And Child Support

Whether you are fighting for your parental rights, seeking financial support or questioning paternity, I can vigorously represent you.

I am known for famous family law cases, including the Anna Nicole Smith and the David Caruso paternity disputes. Yet most of my clients are not big-time celebrities, but everyday people struggling with complex legal matters.

Establishing Or Challenging Paternity

A paternity test is simple and definitive, but there may be resistance from the other party. I can go to court to compel a DNA test to settle the question of who is (or is not) the father. I can also assist with Acknowledgement of Paternity and formal adjudication for biological fathers to be listed on the birth certificate.

Resolving Custody And Support

Once legal parentage is established, the father has standing to request time-sharing (visitation or shared custody), and the mother can file for child support and any arrears.

Raising a child together and sharing the financial burdens is not easy. I bring insights from over 28 years of practice in California family law to help you negotiate a practical parenting plan and child support arrangements.

Opri & Associates handles select paternity actions and fathers’ rights cases throughout Los Angeles County.