Strategic Legal Advocacy In Divorce

The only thing worse than a divorce battle is losing one. I am Beverly Hills attorney Debra Opri. I bring over 28 years of experience in divorce litigation. I am known for successful representation in high-asset and high-profile cases, including the David Hasselhoff and Kevin Hart divorces.

Yet most of my clients are not famous or rich. I regularly represent the counterparts of business owners, financiers, athletes, entertainers and other high earners — spouses who feel overwhelmed and helpless, unable to hire a high-dollar divorce firm.

An Affordable Trial Lawyer Who Can Take On The Best

Without the overhead of a large law firm, I am able to provide elite representation at reasonable rates. And while I am a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom, I strive to resolve matters through a fair and practical community property settlement that avoids costly litigation.

There is no scenario I have not seen in my many years of California divorce practice:

My philosophy is to spare clients from the financial and emotional ravages of divorce litigation by being prepared and proactive. Through aggressive action and strategic divorce planning, you will be in better position to protect your interests and choose your battles.


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