Uncovering Hidden Assets In Divorce

Some spouses will use every tactic to hide assets or deceive their wife or husband about their true wealth. From over 28 years of divorce litigation experience, I am wise to these schemes. I have represented spouses of the rich and famous, helping them find hidden assets in divorce and recover their fair share of the marital estate.

The Law Requires Full Disclosure

It is illegal in California to intentionally conceal or divert marital assets — if the other spouse can prove it. That is where my experience and courtroom skills level the playing field. I have prevailed in notable divorce cases involving Hollywood celebrities and other high-net worth individuals.

I work with private investigators, forensic accountants and other experts to track down secret bank accounts, retitled property, undisclosed revenue and other tactics. Marital assets spent on extramarital affairs or gambling can also be factored into community property division or alimony.

They Can Run, But They Can’t Hide

If you suspect that a spouse is hiding income or assets in your pending divorce, hire a tough and strategic trial lawyer like me to hold them accountable. Opri & Associates is based in Beverly Hills and handles select divorce cases throughout Los Angeles County.