“Debra Opri did everything she said she would for me.”

After speaking with several attorneys about my divorce and child custody, my friend finally referred me to Debra Opri. Debra was very straightforward and didn’t make any promises she couldn’t keep. She settled as much as she could outside the courtroom and helped me handle everything in only a few months.

What I feared most was a long, drawn out custody battle. I told Debra at the very beginning: “I just want it to be over quick and I just want to see my kids” and that’s exactly what she did.

“My child is safe with me because of her”

Debra Opri was the best lawyer our family has had. She fought, against corruption, until a win in the Appellate court. My child is safe with me because of her. It was a tough battle I don’t think could have been won without the strength of Debra Opri. Every day I am blessed because she fought for my child. Because of her, there is new case law protecting others. Ms. Opri represents her cases with an inexplicable knowledge of the law. She is the lawyer to hire if you want to win. Debra Opri is better than the best of the best.

“Debra Opri is a warrior with integrity”

Although Debra Opri typically handles high-profile clients and legal actions that are predominantly tried in the media, I have found out from firsthand experience that, refreshingly, she is a woman who genuinely cares about individual people and their cases. Her interest in obtaining justice in a legal case is absolutely authentic and legitimate. She is known for fighting on behalf of the marginalized and along side the just and the righteous and this reputation is truly deserved, for that is precisely what she does, utilizing respect for all parties as she does it. Debra Opri has a heart to match her supreme legal mind and expertise, and she will fight for what is right. In my personal case, I was a mother stuck in a labyrinth of unjust and terrifying legal mishaps in the family court system and Debra came in and literally rescued what is most important in my life. When you walk into a courtroom with Debra Opri, you are in great care with one of the top legal minds in our country. Debra Opri commands the courtroom and you will feel secure and assured walking in with her to any proceeding and having her advocate your case in front of any judge and in opposition to any attorney. Going forward, I will trust Debra Opri, and only Debra Opri, to handle any and all crucial legal matters in my life. I am forever grateful to Debra and I recommend her wholeheartedly to those who must have assistance walking through the justice system’s maze of proceedings and occasional misdealings. She is an advocate, a protector and a Warrior with Integrity. Thank you Debra for all you have done for myself and my child.

“Extremely professional and responsive”

I have been divorced for 10 years and really never happy with my divorce settlement. My ex-husband doesn’t pay any child support and takes no responsibility for our two children. I called Debra to explore the possibility of amending my divorce settlement. She studied my divorce decree, discussed my options and what recourse I have. She and her office have been extremely professional and responsive. We have had multiple phone conversations and numerous email communications to keep me updated on the status of my case. Debra is an extremely bright, caring and knowledgeable attorney and a great advocate for her clients.

“She always has our backs”

I’m a founder and director of an international non-profit wellness business. I had a close family member who became very unruly and non-cooperative in my personal and business life. This family member, who worked within the company, believed he should have had control over not only the business but me as well. Over time, as things escalated, it became necessary to contact an attorney. I was referred to Debra Opri who turned out to be a God send!

She handled herself in a very professional way with integrity, care and sincerity. She always told me the truth of the matter even if it wasn’t comfortable to hear. She handled my case and the family member with a type of dignity and legal knowledge that caused him to not only back away from his threatening position but to give it up completely, allowing me to live and conduct my business more freely.

I cannot thank Ms. Opri enough for the great way she handled my case. Her fees were reasonable and she was always available to me. I have subsequently referred her to others and they are as pleased with her as I am. What makes Debra Opri stand out from other attorneys is that she knows her job, she does her job and we, her clients, know she always has our backs.

“Debra never gave up and won me custody of my son”

Debra Opri represented me in a highly litigated case regarding my infant son. I respect her with the highest regard and highly recommend her services. Debra never gave up and won me custody of my son. Not only did she do excellent work and fight for me, she also won multiple appeals for me in the appellate court. I would say she is the best attorney and extremely dedicated to her clients and winning.

Debra is an aggressive advocate who relentlessly fights for the rights of her clients! I would not hesitate to recommend her. She never gives up and is always in your corner.

“She was my rock”

I was in a marriage that was toxic. Debra helped me see beyond that. Simply, she did what she said she would do, and more. She was my rock when I felt afraid and uncertain about the future of my family. Divorce is incredibly scary, but she assured me that I was in good hands. I am not the aggressive type, but that is what you need when you are in divorce court for domestic violence. Debra continues to represent me and is doing an incredible job, she is sincerely motivated to help her clients WIN…inside and outside of the courtroom. I know she wants the best for me and my family AND she will get it.

“There was NEVER a time I could not reach her by email, phone or text.”

In the beginning of 2014 I married a very high profile athlete. I left my home town of Texas and came to live in my new house in LA. Well in a short period of time things turned for the worse, and I packed it up and headed back to Texas. On my journey home I was frightened to death, what was I going to do about the media, who would I get for an attorney. I knew I needed a tough no nonsense lawyer that could handle what ever big guns he brought to the table. Well I’m a trial TV buff and remembered seeing Mrs. Opri on several of the TV stations giving commentary on different legal issues and remembered among other things she practices family law. So I shot her an email just telling her who I was and what my mess was. I never expected to hear back from her, but the same day I got an email back saying this is my cell please call. I did and to my delight she took my case.

When she jumped on board she went straight into action. I was thrilled to have her on my side knowing she had my back fully. Here I was just a 9 to 5 working woman, not a celebrity, and she was willing to fight for me just the same. At the same time allowing me to have my own input on things. Not only was I a client, but I became a friend. There was NEVER a time I could not reach her by email, phone or text. If she was in trial her wonderful legal assistant would call and try to resolve what ever I thought was the crisis at the moment. Mrs. Opri called me many times during court recesses to discuss things with me. She grew to know me and knew exactly what I needed and wanted out of my divorce. I walked away a very satisfied client. Even to this day she calls or texts to check on me just to see how I’m doing. We created a bond forever. I’m truly thankful for Mrs. Opri. I would absolutely use her again and definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a fighter in their corner!

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