Protect The Time You Spend With Your Child

Parents going through a custody battle often find themselves facing the loss of meaningful time with their children. If you find yourself in such a situation, you need an experienced family law attorney who is ready to do whatever it takes to stand up for your rights.

I am Debra Opri, and for more than 28 years, I have litigated child custody and visitation cases throughout Los Angeles County. I have handled several high-profile, high-conflict custody cases, including those involving David Hasseloff and Anna Nicole Smith.

Determining Visitation/Parenting Time Arrangements

It is my goal to help you and your co-parent find an agreement that works for everyone involved, especially the children. I will advocate for your concerns and positions while attempting to reach a custody or visitation resolution with your co-parent.

I know that things do not always work out, and that going to court will be the only way to help you receive the appropriate amount of time with your children. I am ready for trial from the very moment I take your case. I know how to present your side to the courts to show that your concerns are in the best interests of the children, and therefore your requests should be granted.

If you already have an agreement in place, you may have experienced a change that causes you to revisit the prior arrangements. California law allows for modification of visitation orders in limited circumstances, and I can help you learn if you have any options available to change your current agreement.

Opri & Associates represents married or unmarried parents in custody, visitation and support cases. We handle a wide range of family law cases for clients throughout Southern California.