Strong Advocacy For Child Support Matters

Child support is for the financial benefit of children after their parents’ divorce or breakup. But money matters are emotionally charged. As a parent with much at stake, you need sound legal counsel.

I am renowned lawyer Debra Opri. I concentrate my practice in divorce and family law. For over 28 years, my firm Opri & Associates has represented parents in the Los Angeles area, from high earners and celebrities to everyday people.

Initial Determination Of Child Support

I negotiate and litigate child support in the context of divorce proceedings as well as paternity cases. I can address the criteria:

  • Time-sharing (percentage of parenting time)
  • Incomes of each parent
  • Accustomed lifestyle of the child
  • Day care expenses and health insurance
  • Camps, travel, tutoring and other extras
  • Private school or college tuition

My role is to ensure that the initial level of child support is fair, sufficient and based on accurate information. I can knowledgeably address high-income cases exceeding California’s statutory guidelines.

Post-Decree Child Support Issues

A change in circumstances may justify child support modification, such as a new job, a health crisis, or a switch in custody arrangements. I can also deal with child support enforcement, including contempt of court hearings and liens, levies or wage garnishment to collect child support arrears.