For many Californian couples, happily ever after never happens. Many couples manage to end their marriages in an amicable manner. In fact, it has become so common that more and more people think they can handle the process without legal guidance. If you and your spouse both wish to divorce and are considering navigating the process on your own, you might be surprised at how challenging it can be.

Along with the financial decisions, other issues to negotiate will include who gets the car, the dog, the kids, the house and more. If any children are involved, you must draft visitation and parenting plans. Making the wrong choices now can lead to litigation in the future. If yours is a high asset divorce — and you were mostly uninvolved in the family finances — a lot can be on the line, and you might be much better off in the end if you secure experienced legal counsel from the onset.

Common errors in high asset divorces

An experienced attorney can provide you with much-needed peace of mind while guiding you through the typical obstacles associated with the divorce process. It can be easy to let emotions cloud your judgment, and without skilled guidance, you could make some of the following mistakes:

  • Desperate to walk away — You may feel disappointed, betrayed, aggrieved and angry. However, if you agree to anything just to get away, it could have a devastating impact on your post-divorce financial stability.
  • Believing it is all your fault — Don’t be surprised if your soon-to-be-ex makes you feel guilty. A spouse who wants to get more than his or her share of the assets often tries this tactic. So, avoid waiving alimony claims or giving up other assets because you are emotionally bullied.
  • Being too trusting — Your lawyer will play a significant role when you and your spouse must account for assets and liabilities. An experienced attorney will notice signs of hidden funds or property and can investigate any suspicions of concealed income or assets or incomplete disclosure.
  • Forgetting to consider tax implications — A seasoned high-asset divorce attorney can make sure that tax consequences are clear before you settle on distributions like alimony that can turn out to be much less than anticipated after taxes.
  • Take guidance from friends and family — While they wish only the best for you, your loved ones will likely shower you with advice about their experiences in divorce — and often stories carried forward from past conversations. Truth is, every divorce is unique, and it might be best to encourage friends and family to limit their support to emotional — your attorney will provide legal guidance and support.

You stand to lose a lot by making mistakes caused by stress, emotion and lack of knowledge of applicable laws. Therefore, utilizing the skills of a high net worth divorce attorney who will do his or her due diligence to look for hidden assets and fight for your rights can result in a smooth and prosperous transition to your future.