Your Strong Advocate In California Family Law

While you may recognize me from my representation of Hollywood celebrities in high-profile cases, the majority of my clients are neither famous nor fabulously wealthy. Drawing on over 27 years of focused practice in California family law, I advocate for everyday people who need a strong advocate in the family court system.

I am known as a tough litigator and no-nonsense advisor. I welcome clients from all walks of life, including spouses and partners of high earners who need powerful representation but lack the financial resources to hire an expensive law firm.

Forceful And Affordable Representation

I level the playing field in complex and high-conflict matters:

I am comfortable in the courtroom and the media spotlight, having prevailed in famous cases such as the Anna Nicole Smith paternity fight and the David Hasselhoff divorce.

It’s Going To Be All Right. I’ve Got Debra Opri.

In or out of court, your case will be handled directly by me, one of the most respected and accomplished trial lawyers in the country.

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Opri & Associates is a boutique firm in Beverly Hills.

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