Parent Relocation (Move-Away)

When couples divorce or break up, it is common for one party to move back home or otherwise relocate. Moving away with the kids is another story.

I am family law attorney Debra Opri. I am known for high-conflict cases, and few issues are as emotionally charged as parent relocation. With over 27 years of experience in the family courts of Los Angeles County, I am the powerful advocate you need to assert your parental rights and your child’s best interests.

Petitions To Relocate And Custody Modifications

In general, parents can move freely within the Los Angeles area but must petition the court before relocating with their children to Northern California or out of state. The court will consider the parent’s justification for moving and the best interests of the child.

I represent either parent in these hearings. If relocation is granted, I can renegotiate the terms of shared custody, such as holidays, summer vacation, travel subsidies and modification of child support.

Tough Representation For The Toughest Cases

Parent relocation disputes often end up in court, so you want strong and strategic representation from the start. I have specific experience in move-away litigation, as well as cases involving interstate and international custody kidnapping.

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